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Are you ready for the weekend?

Authors: Flyboy Wakesurf

We sure are! Although it’s turning to winter here pretty quickly, so there isn’t much riding time left without a full suit.


We thought we’d share a little edited video with you, that hopefully gets you thinking about wakesurfing again and if you live in a part of the country where you can wakesurf all the time, we hope you are out taking a few sessions.

James Walker from earlier this month with a front big and a back big that we edited together.

For our mobile enabled friends, here is a link to James Walker landing both a front big and a back big, in case the embed above doesn’t work for you.

We hope that you have a great weekend and that you’ll come back as we start discussing wakesurf design and construction.

Thanks so much for following along, we really appreciate it.

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Turn your frown UPSIDE down!

Authors: Flyboy Wakesurf

Right? We understand the post title is cliche, but it was soooo apropos! Revert lift on the New Flyboy Wakesurf signature model will change your attitude from THIS:

Snapshot - 38


Snapshot - 39

Too much fun! Some of the contests are cutting back riding time with a reduction in a fall count, we’ll betcha that saving yourself even 1 fall, like in that video from yesterday and the pictures above can make the difference between a podium for you. Let’s be honest, you aren’t riding behind most of the contest boats, so you have 2 minutes to sort it out and then do all your tricks. How likely is that? Not very, right? Check any podium and the folks that are there, mostly practice behind the boat all damn year long. You’re gonna fall, because you don’t know how that wake works.

It reminded us of an old Beastie Boys line in a song, we think it was 3 MC’s and 1 DJ, circa 1999 – my beats are sick like Malaria! Not sure that being able to do a “submarine” is worth anything in a contest, after all it’s neither a shuv NOR a body varial, but what if you could save a fall in a contest run? What if that put you on the podium, because it gave you an extra 3 tricks in your run? Isn’t that about what you lose in your run with each fall, you lose the trick you fall on, plus the boat has to get back up to speed and burns course like it’s going out of style, plus, you’re down 1/3 of your total fall count. What if it was number 3? What would you give to save just that one? :)

Sick like Malaria! Right?

So, it’s just about building season for us here at Flyboy. The winter here in Norcal is not brutal like many parts of the country, but it gets uncomfortable and makes you want to NOT fall. The other thing with our local lake is it’s almost empty. The water level is so low that the one ramp that was left in the water ran out of cable to hold the dock in place, so we have a concrete ramp, but you have to swim to the boat after launching and putting away the truck and trailer.

We are a little worried about the 2015 season, because most of our local lakes and waterways are in the same bad shape. It’s going to make the 2015 wakesurf season pretty tough to practice. Less water will mean more boats in what water IS left. Lets keep our fingers crossed that we have a wet winter and at least the start of the 2015 season has some build up in the lakes.

So that said, lets talk about our building for the winter.

We are going to document the build process of the new and most advanced version of the Flyboy Wakesurf James Walker signature model. We have our supplies in!

photo (25)

And cut file for the board is done, mostly. Maybe a tweak or two left.


So we’ll show you the process we go through to create the “fall saver” :) No, it’s the board that James Walker rides in contests. We’ll hold back a few things, at least until the end of next year, but we want to share with you how these boards are made. While there is some machine shaping in involved, there is just tons of hand workmanship. We think we have a really good design and product that quite frankly will help you ride better. BUT it’s feaking laborious to construct.

We are not fond of the lack of transparency that seems to exist in the world today, so we’ll show you how we build this board so that you can better understand how it works and also see the time and effort that goes into it.

Thanks so much for following along and watching our rather rough n’ ready videos. We really do appreciate you!

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You HAVE to watch this

Authors: Flyboy Wakesurf

We have a short video that we want to show you, because you won’t believe your eyes. Ok, we’ll jump to two pictures that we want you to see then to the video.

Have you ever found yourself in this position? Up on the table, sinking ever so slowly as the boat races away from you? Of course you have, we all have. Your board is completely underwater and you’re done right? Just like on James’ expression.


Ever start in the position like in the picture above, with your board completely underwater and you’re sinking down…and wind up like the next picture?


Right? Are you skeptical? We don’t blame you, there is so much bull in this industry you’re wise to question EVERYTHING! What is that saying, show me the money! We will do just that! Next up is the video segment, but we’ve also posted all of the sequence shots into a separate Flyboy Wakesurf Flickr Album, we called it Air 3 to Floater to Submarine. :) Just for fun.

Ok, now the video. Air 3 to floater to submarine to recovery

For our mobile enabled friends, here is a link to that air 3 thru sumbarine video, if the embed above doesn’t work for you.

Ok, so now the back story.

Yesterday we mentioned the incredible maneuverability of the newest Flyboy design. We’ve been working on it for years and years and finally have it ready for prime time. So we said, lets do something fun, lets have James do an air 3 to floater. That last turn up and into the table will be ridiculously tight, but will really demonstrate how effectively this board can turn, without being out of control, in a really fun light-hearted way. What we haven’t shared with you yet is the ability of this board to ride even BETTER revert.

Competitive wakesurfing in all contests and all tours is sort of schizophrenic. Surf style boards are directional. Doesn’t matter what your outline is like, we have huge ass fins. Anyway, skimmers aren’t directional, twin tip, tiny little barely there fin. Skimmers are designed to be ridden both forward and revert. So what gets rewarded heavily at all those contests in the surf style divisions? Non-directional tricks. Shuvs, etc.

Dear God, it’s like showing up for your first day of college and the course you’ve enrolled in is American History. You have your history book and note pad all ready and when you get to class, there are 50 easels spread around the room and the professor has on the overhead projector, Oil Painting 1A. You are sort of all weirded out, checking your class listing, checking the classroom number and the building and finally you approach the professor with a puzzeled: sorry to bother you prof, but the University has me attending American History at this time and in this room. AND he says, It is american history, I just prefer oil painting. Now sit down.

So the oil painters in the classroom excel and the rest of the class is all – wth? It’s a convoluted mess, right?

If you are riding in a surf style division, without any definition or judging criteria, you’re foolish to just assume riding your surf style board like a well…SURF F’ING BOARD, would be the right thing to do! You silly goose! It’s Oil Painting! The scoring criteria, fully subjective is your clue. Find what the judges are preferring, because it’s not based upon how well you ride YOUR style, it’s how well you ride to THEIR preferred style. If you aren’t doing that…If you aren’t becoming a homogeneous ME TOO! Knockoff, you aren’t going to score well.

Fact of life.

So, shuvs and body varials and those combinations are about non-directional riding. Makes sense that if that is the style you have to ride too, that our board needs to be more non-directional.

So we did that.

It would have been so much easier if the powers that be had just said that, rather than being vague and without any accountability. Just say it, we prefer all these skim tricks, design for that. So, your surf style board needs to ride revert, better. Right? So, that’s easy to fix. It just would have been so much better if it wasn’t this weird secret like dealio. Maybe folks like secrets?

So like we said, we did that. BUT, you know what else that did? It’s so wild, it generates lift not only when being ridden backwards/revert, it does it as the board is sort of sinking. It captures more of the lifting forces from the wake and creates a form of lift and allows the board to be driven, or ridden out of just the wildest situations.

Guess what that means for you?! C’mon guess! This new Flyboy is HARDER to fail on! WTH?! It’s just a side benefit of what we were trying to achieve, but think about your riding. Right? That’s how you fall all the damn time isn’t it? Slowly drifting out the back until you sink. What if, as you started to do that, you actually started generating enough lift that you could power out of the wake? Be honest, that’s the most cool thing ever! Now James is one of the best riders in the world, but this board generates lift in revert and also sort of when sinking. YOU can use that.

Let’s revisit that first picture. What do you do from THAT place? Most just give up and sink, right? Been there done that a BUNCH of times. If you had your Wheaties for breakfast and are feeling super spunky, but your board is really sllloooowwww maybe you can drop and paddle back out, but as far underwater as that board was, when you dropped you’d probably just sink, everything. OR…with this new Flyboy, how about just hanging on and punching through the wake back into the pocket?

Hell Ya! to that last option!

From Damn it!


To wait, what?


You’ve got to be kidding me, right?


Oh hell yes he did!


Did you see it? Yeah, it’s hard to see. We really envy those folks with several thousand dollar cameras and flying whatchamagiggies, but we’re just us. We’re lucky to even get the stuff on a video, yet alone mega dollar productions! Anyway, so we took the pertinent segment out and repeated it 3 times, hopefully that makes it clearer. Watch the board sort of buoy up.

We didn’t forget out mobile enabled friends!

Is that the coolest thing ever? Now remember, this isn’t FLOAT. Once you add a rider to a wakesurf board, they sink. There isn’t enough buoyancy to float a rider and the board…well maybe if it was a SUP, but this is a tiny little board. Also, those crazy thick super buoyant boards are impossible to sink a rail with unless you’re on a steady diet of steroids. Who needs a board fighting you to lay over into a turn. As you saw, this board sinks just fine and dandy! :) You’ll have no trouble laying over a rail, rather than cursing the damn corkiness of a too thick board.

It looks like James is sort of wakesurfing backwards, but what’s actually happening is that he is sort of just staying in one place. He caught the lip going around and stalled it…then, he started to sink and did you see it lift back up???!!! How would that help your surfing if when you started to sink, you generated enough lift to save your trick? Is that money, or what? Hell, do a shuv and body varial after and call it a new trick!!!! Ok, there are some other changes going on in there also, not like anti-gravity or anti-matter or anything, just shaping for what is required of surf style riders and we came across this side benefit!

So anyway, we figured you might prefer a board that you can just ride out of awkward positions, we know that we do. Sinking is all well and good on hot days and who doesn’t like getting prone and wallowing around in the water from time to time, but for the vast majority of time, we kinda like just riding away from it.

We’ll be bringing you more about this new Flyboy Wakesurf brand signature model in the coming weeks, but we wanted to share with you this fun little vid…air 3 to floater to submarine! Oh! and to recovery!

Thanks so much for following along, we REALLY appreciate it.

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AND fin pod changes

Authors: Flyboy Wakesurf

We wanted to share with you some of the fin pod changes that we made in concert with the rocker changes that we discussed last week. That old and tired rocker from the original Flyboy needed drastic revamping and we have been working on that for about 3 years or so. It’s major, but in terms of layout it doesn’t look all the different. So, we’ll offer up some video evidence to help explain the change and also the result of those changes.

Snapshot - 35

So we have to show you a short little video clip of a trick that we call a better widow maker. It’s an air 3 to a surface 720. Virtually all combination tricks you want to perform will have surface rotations either into the trick or out of the trick. Typically, it’s out of the trick, because all of the older designs for boards scrub speed in surface rotations. We wanted to be able to offer James the ability to generate speed through the rotation, so that it would be possible to do a surface rotation INTO some above the lip trick, NOT a shuv. Shuvs are fine, but they are seriously boring at this stage. So we wanted some new and fresh in the surf style arena and we saw one potential as being surface rotation INTO an aerial rotation.

BUT, here is something unexpected that resulted from that.

Have you mastered your surface 3 yet? It’s freaking hard isn’t it. IF you get your surface rotation down, what typically trips you up? You float out the back don’t you? What if while doing your rotation, you didn’t scrub any speed and could spin so tightly, that you actually started driving forward on the wake?

Heavenly, right? Behold.

For our mobile enabled friends, here is a link to James Walker landing that Better Widow Maker, if the embed above doesn’t work for you.

Did you notice it? It’s a lttle tough to see, so we grabbed a few frames from the video. Not the best quality pictures, but enough to document what we are saying.

Here is where James started the ollie 3, down low on the wake face and heading up around the very beginning of the table.

Snapshot - 35

Now compare the start of that 1080 to the start of the final rotation, below.

Snapshot - 36

Do you see that James is actually forward on the wake, in comparison? He has driven forward, but also can you see how high up on the wake face he is?

Two things going on. One is ridiculously tight surface rotations, half the vertical height, but also, James is able to actually drive the board forward. We get when you stall a trick and surf the board revert forward, THAT is not this. This is James driving the board forward as part of his surface rotation.

It’s sad that surf style competitive scoring only recognizes a shuv and body varial combination, virtually ignoring everything else, because it creates this horrifically limited set of tricks. Progression dies from atrophy and board design starts morphing to skim boards. Reap what you sew, we’d guess.

But for you, for folks that want to ride how you LOVE to ride, rather than the 4 tricks the powers that be seem to dream of, drool over and fantasize about, this new fin pod on the Flyboy, combined with the improved rocker will give you the ability to land your surface rotations, while actually driving the board forward. These changes are only available on the Flyboy Wakesurf branded boards. You CAN’T find them anywhere else.

This design will, simply put, make you ride better.

We want to clarify something, it’s not just twitchy, where the board is wildly out of control. We’ve tightened the boards turning radius if you will. If you are of the “push school” of wake energy, you’ll want to ignore the rest of this post, because you’ll just have to develop arguments against what you just saw. For the rest of you that don’t need that conceptualization OR are simply open, what we’ll tell you is that we changed the rocker and the fin pod to work with the upward flow of water forming the wake. For sake of argument, assume that the flow of water is strictly up and what you are planing on is a continuous flow of water up against the bottom of your board. Even as you drive forward, the leading area of your board is always intersecting fresh upward flow.

If the bottom of your board can grab that, harness that energy, no matter what orientation it is in, forward, revert or even sideways, you have the ability to sort of continually move the board forward, regardless of orientation. We’ve changed the bottom concave to not grab the water flow as it is lifting the bottom of the board upward. We’ve also shaped it such that when the board is sort of sideways at 90 degrees to the travel of the boat, it’s not acting like an anchor. Lastly, we spent what seemed like eons playing with the fin pod itself. The fin pod refers to the location and number of fins on the tail. Quad like boards with nubs for fins, rely on break the rear trailers free for surface rotations and rotations beyond 7 sort of require this stalled revert surf forward. That’s not a surface rotation, or typically isn’t allowed or counted as one. So, what you want is like what James is showing, the ability to drive forward as part of the rotation, so that you don’t have that momentary hesitation.

Also, for you, for all of the riders working on become a pro, this change in the fin pod, will have you spinning easily, in fact keeping pace with the boat as it travels forward. Tight, quick rotations AND driving forward, not scrubbing off speed.

Thanks so much for following along, we really appreciate it.

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