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Good times with great folks !

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Final touches on the skimmer

Authors: Flyboy Wakesurf

We are almost done with the skimmer project, all that’s left is to install the fin and attach the Agenda traction!

So we probably should have installed the fin before lamination and paint, but…we had our minds on other things! So now we are doing it post-paint! We use some blue painters tape to to mask over the area where we will be installing the fin, for a few reason. One is to save our amazing paint! The other is to give us something to write on as we align the fin and mark out the points we need to drill. Typically skimmer fins have three points that require drilling. The thru bolt and the two alignment studs.

skimmer 1

It’s a little hard to see, but we mark the three locations and then drill into the foam using the drill in the upper right of the screen. One thru and the other two just about 1/4 of an inch deep.

skimmer 2

On the deck side of the board we counter-sink the hole for the through bolt.

Next up is to attach the Agenda traction, one of James’ sponsor and makers of the best wakesurf traction EVER! :)

skimmer 3

You’ll remember in the discussion yesterday that we wanted the traction as far back as possible. This agenda traction is really easy to work with. Don’t be afraid to cut it to your particular needs. We took out a saw and then a pair of scissors to make the fit perfect!

skimmer 4

Ok, all outfitted and ready for a test run! We’ll hopefully get it out over the weekend.

skimmer 5

We are most likely going to take the long weekend off, we hope you folks can also! We’ll see you back here bright and early on Tuesday! Thanks so much for following along, we really appreciate it.

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James Walker back big on his Flyboy

Authors: Flyboy Wakesurf

Man it’s been crazy here at Flyboy this week, crazy decisions that need to be made and negotiations that we thought had been resolved three times before, keep coming up, like a bad penny! Tired of that shit as it’s never ending and also not our problem. Don’t you hate when folks MAKE it your problem? Three GD times! There is an old saying, you only get one trip to the well…well we allowed two extra. Just feels awful and devaluing and really out-of-control.


Anyway, we don’t have much for you today! So we thought we’d share a fun little stylized back big and some sequence shots. We used the “moon” filter on Instagram to make it black and white and that was fun. If you get a chance to go look at our Instagram page, it’s a fun little filter.

So here is that video snippet of James Walker landing a backside big spin.

For our mobile enabled friends, here is a link to that back big video if the embed above doesn’t work for you.

That was fun, if short.


We’ve also placed a group of sequence shots in a Flyboy Flickr album that you can study if you like.

Hopefully we’ll calm down around the Flyboy shop here in a day or two and we can get back on task! Thanks so much for following along, we really appreciate it.

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Miscellaneous board building

Authors: Flyboy Wakesurf

We are sort of in the middle of a few projects and wanted to share where we are with those and then also share a process we are intrigued with.

The first is a little carbon wrapped skim project. You’ll remember we started that some time again and we are hoping to get that finalized this week and ready to test out. We left the board outside to cure last evening and just sort of forgot that Fall is in the air! It got really cold last night and there was some dew on the surface of our project this morning! We were heart broken for a moment because that can ruin the cure cycle of epoxy, but lucky for us, it was cured before the dew hit!


The first thing we did was run a hand over the surface to see if was tacky! Right? If it’s ruined might as well test it such that it would wind up a MESS and RUINED! :)

The second project is related to a process we want to test.


This is a little far out there, but that’s what we do here at Flyboy! We understand there is a place for traditional materials and methodologies, but just not here. :)

So this started with a tour of a friends workshop that is involved in the defense industry and they create composite structures that are designed to protect American service men and women. One of the things they do is create blast mitigation composite structures. No doubt you’re aware of IED’s used against American soldiers in the middle east. In short one of the products is a blast tolerant composite sandwich panel.

We want to share a few demonstration videos that portray the use of an elastomer called Polyurea. We won’t delve into the technical aspects because some yahoo will start playing some stupid-ass semantics game and confuse the shit out of everyone. The stuff is used, commercially as a garage floor covering. It’s very tough stuff.

So here is one advertisement video that shows all sorts of stuff shot at and blown up! Comparing Polyurea coated items to non-coated items.

Right? Gotta love shooting things with a 12 gauge!

Ok, this is a little more subtle, but gives you an idea of how the application of Polyurea can toughen objects.

Now we need to be just crazy-ass careful here because the semantics nazi’s will run around saying that WE SAID, paint your board with Polyurea and you can slam it with a sledge hammer all day long. We are NOT saying that (duely noted on August 27, 2014 at 4:30 am). That said, however, we have to wonder if the ability of Polyurea to help spread loads can’t be included in a wakesurf board composite sandwich.

But our buddy creates this blast mitigation composite structure that in fact uses Polyurea. Here is a link to a study that sort of explains the basic concept.

To summarize, what the study found was that a very thin layer of Polyurea close to the core of the composite sandwich used as an “interlayer” between the facing and core dramatically increased the ability of the sandwich to deflect blast loads.

That got us thinking about how we use wakesurf boards. We are always focused on two contact points on the deck that correspond to out feet, or thereabouts and on the bottom where we, or at least some of us, land from aerials and hit the wake. We started wondering if a simple coating of Polyurea, underneath a skin could assist in the deflection of loads in a wakesurf board?

Who knows?! But we’ll give it a test, as you can buy Polyurea coatings from most paint supply stores. We’re going to do some testing to see how it reacts with EPS foam and then also Divinycell. Imagine if a simple layer of the stuff could increase damage tolerance to the point you could hit your board with a hammer?! Ok, that will never happen, but maybe there is a simple and inexpensive way to use a paint like substance to coat the core and increase the toughness by some measurable factor?

Anyway, you’re up-to-date with the Flyboy Wakesurf labs! Thanks so much for following along we really appreciate it.

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The single greatest wake surf awards ceremony ever! Mark your calendars and get...

Authors: World Wake Surfing Championship

The single greatest wake surf awards ceremony ever! Mark your calendars and get...

The single greatest wake surf awards ceremony ever! Mark your calendars and get to the Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort on September 27th!
— with Bryan Holland, Drew Danielo, Brandon Tollie and 32 others Bryan Holland, Drew Danielo, Brandon Tollie, Frankie Panno, Chris George, Jason Lybeck, Bret Potts Boatrep, Shane Allison, Taylor Dorey, Jimmi Sparling, Bri Chmel, Shane Blanton, Ricky Gonzalez, James Harold, Nick Parsons, Kaley Sparling, Brittney Nyrose, Derek Cook, Adam Fields, Brian Detrick, Vanessa Renee Vincent, Aaron Witherell, Les Clark, Todd Gaughan, Melissa Marquardt, Sean Cummings, Aaron Reed, Zane Montgomery, Caroline Villeneuve, Keenan Flegel, Ashley Kidd, Raleigh Hager, Ashley Kidd, Brian Allred and Jackie Costa.

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