Friday, April 25, 2014
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Stalled revolution

Authors: Flyboy Wakesurf

We are so impressed with the acting and video production skills of some folks. We don’t have those acting skills nor production skills, but we’re also a LOT more believable. So if you don’t mind our CRUDE video production skills we wanted to share a short little clip of James Walker on his Flyboy where he was working on some stalled tricks. We call the clip Stalled Revolution, stealing the phrase from the brillant sociologist Arlie Hochschild.


Here is that video, and it includes a number of stalls in various tricks: crazy long stalled air 180, a double stall air 180 to 5, ollie 7 with a stall on the second rotation, stalled indecision, a normally stalled air 180 and finally an insanely long stalled air reverse.

For our mobile enabled friends, here is a link to the Stalled Revolution video.

Back to Arlie for a minute, she describes the Stalled Revolution, twenty years ago, as: women have fully entered the full-time labor force, increasingly in male-dominated fields, yet men have not comparably shifted into female-dominated fields or responsibility for household labor and childcare.

One of her major ideas revolves around how feelings are socialized, or learned behaviors. Apart from what we think a feeling is, Hochschild asserts we have ideas about what it should be. We say, “You should be thrilled at winning the prize” or “you should be furious at what he did.” We evaluate the fit between feeling and context in light of what she calls “feeling rules,” which are themselves deeply rooted in culture. In light of such feeling rules, we try to manage our feelings, we try to be happy at a party, or grief-stricken at a funeral. In all of these ways our experience of an interaction, our definition of feeling, our appraisal and management of feeling is social or learned.

Back on task! We really like the idea that in wakesurfing we can do tricks in both directions, towards the boat and away from it. Most sports with tricks are either solely in one direction, like snowboarding going downhill, or in a fixed arc from a specific location, like wakesboarding. With wakesurfing, one of the unique attributes is that we can do tricks while sort of going away from the boat. It’s an optical illusion, we’re mostly just staying still, or in one spot. It’s a little hard to describe, but if a rider is staying at a fixed spot from the boat, that’s ACTUALLY moving forward. If the rider is drifting away from the boat, at the rate of speed of the boats travel, the rider is actually in a fixed position AND if a rider can travel away from the boat at a rate faster than the boats speed, they are traveling AWAY from the boat. So, unique to wakesurfing are sort of four speed ranges, same speed as the boat, slightly slower than boats speed, but still forward, not moving forward at all and finally, traveling away from the boat. Most other board sports don’t have this sort of variety. Skateboarding does, but we can’t think of anything else that does. Anyway, these stalled tricks fall into the first 3 categories, at boat speed, slightly slower and stationary.

Thanks so much for following along, we really appreciate it.

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