Friday, October 31, 2014
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It’s almost the weekend!

Authors: Flyboy Wakesurf

Happy Halloween!

We thought we’d share a little video snippet from a bit ago. James had some clients in from out-of-town and they grabbed a quick segment of James wakesurfing his new flyboy wakesurf branded board.

Snapshot - 42

One of the things we’ve mentioned before is that when you makes changes in one area of the wakesurf board, you can wind up with unintended consequences elsewhere. It’s one of the reasons we only develop using the construction that we plan to use in the end. It’s more expensive that way, but switching from a stringered 2 pound density blank to a 1 pound skinned sandwich changes buoyancy considerations and it’s easy to wind up with a corky board that is too stiff, when the prototype worked killer!

Anyway, we’ve made these various changes, but we didn’t want to give up all of the performance and ride quality that Flyboy’s have become known for. We understand that competitive wakesurfing is second generation myopic, in how little it recognizes but folks out free surfing don’t have that myopia or restriction, so we needed to keep the basic need for how people prefer to wakesurf as the ultimate goal.

So here is that short snippet, showing a full range of riding. An indecision, an ollie 3 into an indecision, a back big and a Korina 3. Surface rotations, carving, above the lip, switch, revert…anyway you get the idea, it’s the full gamut…just like YOU want to ride. We understand, while still performing to the tiny little sliver of what competitive wakesurfing adulates.

For our mobile enabled friends, here is a link to that video of James Walker wakesurfing his new Flyboy Wakesurf branded board.

There you go, we hope your weekend allows you to get a few more sets in. Most of the country is pretty cold about now and we see that more and more folks have put their boats away from the season. If you’re one of those, hopefully this little snippet will keep you thinking about wakesurfing!

Thanks so much for following along, we really appreciate it.

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