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Authors: Flyboy Wakesurf

We are rapidly approaching the Thanksgiving holiday and we sure hope that you get the opportunity to spend time with your family and friends.

We wanted to talk about the issues in Ferguson, MO for a minute. We are not just some huge corporate manufacturer without a soul or conscious. It’s just James and Jeff Walker. No board of directors to hide behind or that anonymity that so many folks LOVE. If you read this blog for any amount of time, you’ll come to know we are surely human, with opinions! Anyway, we were deeply affected by the death of Michael Brown. It is beyond tragic. No one argues against that point. We feel for the communities and family that lost a beloved son.

If you do a Google search for “the real issues in Ferguson” you’ll find millions and millions of OpEd pieces. From some notable individuals. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg, to name just a few. Needless to say they have differing opinions on what is the root of the issues there. Justice Ginsburg refers to a form of segregation as a root cause, former Mayor Giuliani says that the white officer shooting of a black teenager is the exception, that 93% of all black homicide is committed by blacks.

Then we went to another site that focused on the issues surrounding south Asian immigrants and read an interesting article. It can probably best be summarized in this one sentence:

“Remember that the underlying problems that communities of color and immigrants face are similar—structural racism, economic distress, neglected neighborhoods. And give people opportunities to connect with each other to find solutions to these shared challenges.”


We don’t profess to understand the far reaching ramifications of the situation, nor of what transpired on that fateful day.

We don’t doubt that there exists issues in Ferguson. We’ve dealt with folks that are just fine with a situation, because it serves their best interests, so they don’t listen to or pay attention to complaints or differences of opinion. We’ve even read folks that feel the ONLY thing to express are “positive vibes”, damn stoners. Like being one-dimensional is an answer to anything. We also understand the viewpoints of folks like Rudy Giuliani and he makes sense, although we are sure his perspective isn’t popular among many.

We even found one piece that opined it was neither race, nor the police, but instead the revenue generation systems within our communities:

“That’s what I fear too. The problem is not primarily race nor the militarization of the police in this case (though that doesn’t help) but rather the multiplication of authorized revenue-hunters seeking out those especially who can’t afford a lawyer.”


All of these folks are learned peopled, with dramatically diverse opinions. It drives home the point that we all have biases, and our associations and situations form and reinforce those biases. That’s not a bad thing, so long as it’s recognized. We have a difference of opinion, rather than I’m right and you are obviously wrong because you don’t agree with me. Sort of like the two perspectives in the pictures we included. A sort of para-military police force and senseless looting of a liquor store that has NOTHING to do with the issue of justice.

We hope that Michael Brown’s death can create something beneficial in that community, and across America. The unrest there isn’t beneficial, but it does bring attention to what some within the community feel is a real problem.

We are proud of America and the system of justice within our great country. It’s not perfect and Lord knows there are countless examples of injustice perpetrated by it. We do believe it is better than any other and we support it, and this great country of ours. We feel deeply for the loss felt in that community and we pray for the family and friends of Michael Brown, and also that the community can find a way to resolve the tensions and create a better, stronger community.

Thanks so much for following along, we appreciate it.

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