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Something NOT above the lip

Authors: Flyboy Wakesurf

OMG! Did we just speak blasphemy against all things sacred?! Doesn’t everything in wakesurfing HAVE to be above the f’ing lip? It’s sad that the powers that be have completely DESTROYED all creativity in wakesurfing. We’d see lots more interesting tricks and far more creativity if everyone wasn’t forced to ride identically.


We want to show you something, and it’s historical on a surf style board. See if you can find it, it may take you a bit because you’ve been forced to think of all surf style tricks as a single iteration above the lip. Almost like brainwashing! Anyway, ignore all those yahoos and watch this video and then think about the components.

For our mobile enabled friends here is a link to that NEXT historical wakesurf video from James Walker on his Flyboy if the embed above doesn’t work for you.

Did you see it? Switch, revert, backside 3. Now we understand that the full trick wasn’t landed, but that component surely was. Another issue within the sport is a lack of consistent naming convention, so everything gets muddied and there is no easy way to effectively communicate…really anything within a trick. We’ll try, though! After the air 180, the ACTUAL air 180 part, James is riding switch revert and then he throws and lands a switch revert 360. The stop in the middle of that indecision, creates the switch revert backside 360. We want to call that the Blasphemy! :)

Here is a link to the entire set of sequence shots on the Flyboy Wakesurf Flickr page.

Here we have trimmed the video down to just the switch revert 3 on a surf style board.

Again, for our mobile enable friends, here is that snippet, if the embed above didn’t work for you.

What would your surf style riding be like, if you could do surface rotations like that? If you could start and stop frontside and backside rotations like James does in this video, or throw in a switch revert 3? Or if you were able to start thinking about tricks as NOT above the lip? Right, it’s the change in perspective that will probably be the hardest thing!!!!

You’ve been mislead by all the hype trying to sell you boats or boards. The myopic influences of a closed minded competitive environment prevents progression, prevents creativity or an expansion of the tricks that YOU can do. Have you been suckered into that? Where you still think of tricks as being a single iteration, like another aerial and a different trick would be a different hand position? Or that a trick HAS to be above the lip and ONLY above the lip?

Throw THOSE shackles off and lets start making wakesurfing fun again. Mix up frontside and backside rotations on your surf style board, or like James just did above, throw in a switch revert 3. Here is a trick suggestion: a frontside surface 180, into a switch revert surface 3, into a switch revert frontside 180. The variations are endless and you’re using all of the wake!!! Speak your own blasphemy.

Thanks so much for following along, we really appreciate it.

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