Friday, October 24, 2014
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Turn your frown UPSIDE down!

Authors: Flyboy Wakesurf

Right? We understand the post title is cliche, but it was soooo apropos! Revert lift on the New Flyboy Wakesurf signature model will change your attitude from THIS:

Snapshot - 38


Snapshot - 39

Too much fun! Some of the contests are cutting back riding time with a reduction in a fall count, we’ll betcha that saving yourself even 1 fall, like in that video from yesterday and the pictures above can make the difference between a podium for you. Let’s be honest, you aren’t riding behind most of the contest boats, so you have 2 minutes to sort it out and then do all your tricks. How likely is that? Not very, right? Check any podium and the folks that are there, mostly practice behind the boat all damn year long. You’re gonna fall, because you don’t know how that wake works.

It reminded us of an old Beastie Boys line in a song, we think it was 3 MC’s and 1 DJ, circa 1999 – my beats are sick like Malaria! Not sure that being able to do a “submarine” is worth anything in a contest, after all it’s neither a shuv NOR a body varial, but what if you could save a fall in a contest run? What if that put you on the podium, because it gave you an extra 3 tricks in your run? Isn’t that about what you lose in your run with each fall, you lose the trick you fall on, plus the boat has to get back up to speed and burns course like it’s going out of style, plus, you’re down 1/3 of your total fall count. What if it was number 3? What would you give to save just that one? :)

Sick like Malaria! Right?

So, it’s just about building season for us here at Flyboy. The winter here in Norcal is not brutal like many parts of the country, but it gets uncomfortable and makes you want to NOT fall. The other thing with our local lake is it’s almost empty. The water level is so low that the one ramp that was left in the water ran out of cable to hold the dock in place, so we have a concrete ramp, but you have to swim to the boat after launching and putting away the truck and trailer.

We are a little worried about the 2015 season, because most of our local lakes and waterways are in the same bad shape. It’s going to make the 2015 wakesurf season pretty tough to practice. Less water will mean more boats in what water IS left. Lets keep our fingers crossed that we have a wet winter and at least the start of the 2015 season has some build up in the lakes.

So that said, lets talk about our building for the winter.

We are going to document the build process of the new and most advanced version of the Flyboy Wakesurf James Walker signature model. We have our supplies in!

photo (25)

And cut file for the board is done, mostly. Maybe a tweak or two left.


So we’ll show you the process we go through to create the “fall saver” :) No, it’s the board that James Walker rides in contests. We’ll hold back a few things, at least until the end of next year, but we want to share with you how these boards are made. While there is some machine shaping in involved, there is just tons of hand workmanship. We think we have a really good design and product that quite frankly will help you ride better. BUT it’s feaking laborious to construct.

We are not fond of the lack of transparency that seems to exist in the world today, so we’ll show you how we build this board so that you can better understand how it works and also see the time and effort that goes into it.

Thanks so much for following along and watching our rather rough n’ ready videos. We really do appreciate you!

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