Thursday, July 31, 2014
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Authors: Flyboy Wakesurf

So we finally got to see the damage done to James’ contest board! Here are two quick cell phone pictures. This is of the crack on the rail and you can sort of see where the impact started with the white damaged epoxy.


Here is a picture of the bottom of the board, you can see the damaged rail at the top of the board in the picture. If you look straight down from that ding, you can see a vertical line, that is where the board was creased from James riding and falling on it.


Interestingly enough, when a board creases like that, it always starts at the rail. The same is really true of all cracks that migrate from the perimeter. We talked about anecdotal evidence yesterday, in the sense of casual observations. When a board folds, and Lord knows we’ve folded a bunch over the years, until the rail breaks, the center of the board retains it’s shape, but once the rail gives way, the center is free to just fold over like a big old wet noodle.

The rails of our boards have to handle the most forces and typically are the strongest and stiffest parts of our boards. In order for a board to crease or fold like that, the rail has to give out and crack or break.

James indicated that when he picked the board up after the flight from California to Texas, the TSA had placed a note in the board case that they had inspected the boards, but they didn’t replace the bubble wrap around the boards. It just bounced around inside the case from the handling and no doubt on the flight from California to Texas! It looks like the board held together for the Texas contest and then the riding afterwards in Texas and the few days in Washington, finally giving way when James fell on it hitting his head. The board, held together it had definitely lost most of it’s effectiveness!

If the ding had been found right away and repaired, the board could have been saved, but this one is definitely a goner for competitive purposes!

Time to make a new one!

Thanks so much for following along, we really appreciate it.

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