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Nicole Hudson is registered and confirmed for the 2014 World Wake Surfing Champi...

Authors: World Wake Surfing Championship

Nicole Hudson is registered and... - World Wake Surfing Championship | Facebook

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Authors: Flyboy Wakesurf

We wanted to use gold leaf, but that is so crazy expensive and pretty hard to apply. So we just used gold paint! This is the final test board of our Flyboy Skim.


It’s not a very good picture, but the vast expanse is gold paint and then the red’ish color has hues of red and orange. You can’t really see the color changes in the picture above.

We wanted to talk a bit about the blunted off tail. We’ve used that in the Flyboy James walker signature model for years, in fact it existed in the TWP James Walker signature model long before it was sort of copied and used in other boards. The blunting concept started with Shoreline Lakeboards. Their initial purpose was to eliminate the pointed nose of the surf style board to avoid damage to boats or worse, a person!

But it does something else, too. It allows the outline of the board to be made such that it handles and behaves like a bigger board, then trimming the nose off makes the overall length shorter, but the board still handles/rides like a bigger board! It’s really genius. Bigger/longer boards offer more forgiveness in terms of offering a greater planing surface. In landing a trick, if it’s just a tad off or sketchy, it takes way more skill to land it on a smaller board. That’s not recognized in contests, it’s not a judging factor, but it’s a huge differentiating effect. More IS better in that instance.

Now the other thing that the blunt on the tail does is allow you to move your rear foot and traction backwards some. You know that the width of the kick pad is one of the limiting factors on your placement of the tail pad. As the tail of the board gets pulled in, at some point, the kick pad will be wider than the outline and so that becomes the effective limit on where you can place the traction. BUT, further back gives you more leverage on the tail of the board. It’s like a lever, the closer to the end the more pronounced the effect of the lever will be.

We hope to be able to get out on the board over the weekend, we’ll see. The drought is so severe in our state that the water level in our lake is just a fraction of what it should be. BUT, the boat traffic isn’t! More boats in less water and there are so many high spots and tree stumps that are showing up now, so it’s really even less effective boating area. Makes it hard to ride or surf. We hate surfing dangerously or swamping smaller boats, so we try to stay way out of the way…but now there is no way out of the way, we are all sort of just in what’s left over!

Thanks for following along, we really appreciate it.

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